Since 2006, Hydrotunes has been the go-to marine audio, marine video , marine lighting and LED installation company located in Austin and New Braunfels, Texas.

Since our conception, we have defined the industry standard for service, implemented industry firsts that have turned into manufacture features & options, we have used installation techniques used by major boat manufactures, helped develope equipment & system designs that have been used religiously in the marine audio industry, we have established relationships through integrity, by exceeding customer expectations.  The Hydrotunes installation specialists are dedicated to delivering the ultimate experience for your boat, automobile, UTV/ATV, jet-ski, Recreational Vehicle, trailer, and more.  The products we use when installing audio systems are marine grade and are made to withstand the harsh elements that boats and utility terrain vehicles are often exposed to in the water or while being stored when not in use.

Our technical specialists bring 50+ years combined experience in the audio, video, & LED industry. We will upgrade your boat to be the loudest, most entertaining, reliable, and adept boat on the water.  Fill out our contact form today to get the most out of your boating experience.

We start each project by determining the best way to bring your ideas to life and maybe even inspire a few new ones.

Quality custom audio installation requires planning and experience. For over a decade our customers have sought our custom audio, video and lighting installation services in part to our close collaboration. We work closely with our customers to develop a high level of trust and interaction. We discuss ideas, share our insights from the latest technologies and past experiences and then develop a plan to exceed their expectations.

Our team is consistently recognized for creating unique solutions to customize boats, UTV’s, cars, trucks and more.

The key to successful installations is taking the plans and determining the best way to bring them to life. Our experienced staff understands the distinct features and characteristics for nearly every boat on the water, and every car on the road. When we develop an installation solution we select each component based on the scope of each project and our customer’s needs and ways to customization specific areas. By working closely with our customers we eliminate surprises and instead take the original ideas and then design a system that is completely custom and unique.

The Hydrotunes installation specialists will upgrade your boat to be the loudest, most entertaining, and adept boat on the water.

We take pride in our deep and lasting relations with our customers. Our high level of trust has resulted from our years of providing installation services that exceed our customers expectations. We are experienced at installing custom components for the challenging marine environment and the extreme terrain experienced by an off roader and UTV. To us custom installation is more than replacing speakers. Its about using the appropriate sealants to ensure no leaks, using marine quality components and possessing a complete understanding of boat and marine systems to make integration of the new seamless. Our experience in custom marine installation ranges from Bowriders to Yachts.


Contact Hydrotunes today and start planning your custom audio, custom video, custom LED lighting, custom control installation for your boat, yacht, automobile, ATV/UTV, golf cart, or toy hauler.